Spanish Literature for level B1/B2: A Guide to Starting Your Reading Journey

1. El libro de los rostros (Ana Alonso): I had been thinking about it for some time. Maybe Facebook made it easier for me to engage with people. What if I became a different person, with a made-up name? It would be like starting from scratch, at least on the internet. Then I thought it was a brilliant idea. But now I think about what I did and see it for what it really was: a great stupidity.

2. Un tipo encantador (Marian Keyes): Lola just learned that her boyfriend, the attractive Irish politician Paddy de Courcy, is marrying another. The lucky one is Alice (upper class): the ideal companion for an important politician. Lola falls apart and decides to leave Dublin. Dozens of reporters are chasing him to tell his side of the story, including Grace, a journalist who met Paddy a few years earlier when he was the boyfriend of his twin sister, Marnie. The stories of these four women will progressively reveal the “charms” of a careerist, violent man capable of anything to satisfy his ambitions… But that won’t be the worst thing we’ll discover.

3. Pomelo y limón (Begoña Oro): Jorge and María are two teenagers who go out with their friends, use social networks, fall in love… But the difference with the rest of teenagers is that their mothers are very famous. The two boys are involved in a spiral of rumors from which they only come out remembering that the words we choose to tell our story are the ones that really shape our world.

4. Como agua para chocolate (Laura Esquivel): Tita and Pedro love each other. But she is doomed to remain single, caring for her mother until she dies. And Pedro, to be close to Tita, marries her sister, Rosaura. The cooking recipes that Tita prepares punctuate the passing of the seasons of her life, always marked by the present absence of Pedro. Como agua para chocolate is a bittersweet comedy of loves and disagreements, a sparkling, tender and full of talent.

5. Las cosas que no nos dijimos (Marc Levy): Four days before her wedding, Julia receives a call from the personal secretary of Anthony Walsh, her (absent) father. As Julia imagined, she will not be able to attend the wedding. But this time he has an incontestable excuse: he has died. The day after the burial, Julia receives a strange package and discovers that her father has reserved one last surprise for her, the strangest and most bizarre imaginable. Thanks to her, Julia will embark on the most extraordinary journey of her life. A journey that will lead her to discover an unexpected past and allow her to meet that man who was her father, with whom there were so many things to say.

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6. Los santos inocentes (Miguel Delibes): Portrait of the precarious living conditions of a family of peasants from Extremadura, crushed by the misery and yoke imposed by the lords. The only aspiration of these parents is that their children study to abandon the life they lead. Life in the farmhouse follows the same routine as always, some command and others obey; Family events, hunts and parties take place in the Casa Grande. In one of these hunts, Mr. Ivan kills Azariah’s bird with his shotgun, which provokes a response from him.