Why your kid should learn Spanish

Being the 3rd most spoken language in the world, it is considered one of languages that can be picked up easily thanks to the similarities with the English language, due to the fact of the almost 60% from the English language are Latin origin languages (Spanish is one of those). It is already demonstrated that the non native Spanish speakers are increasing during the last recent years. And  learning institutions being aware of this, are including the Spanish language in their curriculum. With children, having a head start in learning a second language can be very beneficial to learn another language at an early age.

But why more and more people are learning Spanish, mainly kids?

Kids learning Spanish has become important as the demand for this language is progressively increasing. For kids speaking already English, this facilitates them to learn Spanish  as it follows a similar alphabet and grammar structure. Learning Spanish can also lead to children learning other Latin-based languages such as French, Italian or Portuguese in a shorter period of  time and easier.

In Cyprus many children start picking up Spanish language for different reasons: some parents believe that learning more than one language gives their child an added and different value in their tudies and future professional career. Other parents are aware of the enormous benefit for their kid of start learning different languages at an early age as it facilicates other languages learning too.  It might seem like you are overloading your kids when you try to teach another language while they are still learning the first. However, scientfically demonstrated is that children’s brain are extremely flexible,  like sponges, especially between at the ages of 0 to 3. They absorb new information faster  than adults.

Other reasons for considering your kids learn Spanish?

  • Bilingual children have a sharper brain as they learn how to switch between the two languages and they become better multitaskers.
  • Bilingual children have a superior memory retention as it stimulates their brain.
  • More prone to perform better academically as they have stronger memory.
  • Bilingual children also show that they pick up certain pre-reading skills faster than the monolingual kid.
  • They have better social skills as raised in multilingual environments, they develop how to communicate better and are more likely to empathize with others.

In conclusion, your kids learning Spanish opens a wide world of opportunities for them in a very new close future world. It will expand their minds and even help them be more social and provide them with great opportunities professional and social.