Why should I learn Spanish?

You’re probably asking yourself this very question: Why should I learn Spanish?

If you live in an English speaking country, initially there isn’t really an urgent need to learn Spanish or any other foreign language.  Even if you were to travel abroad, you would probably be fine because chances are the people hyou will interact with could speak English. So then the question becomes: Why should I learn Spanish when I can get by without it? Well, there is a big difference between just “getting by” and “thriving”.

There are tons of reasons why Spanish is the third most popular language to study in the world.  Instead of asking yourself why should you learn Spanish, try asking yourself this: How learning

Spanish can change my life?Let´s have a look then to some of those many reasons  why learning Spanish could make a difference in your life.

Experience Spanish in more than 20 countries where it is the official language

Spanish is probably the most important language to learn if you love to travel or you want to expand your business.  Spanish speaking countries are extremely diverse, with stunning landscapes and interesting cultures that are simply unforgettable. But the reality is that still not many people in these countries speak English.  So if you really want to get to know the people of these countries, then learning to speak Spanish will help you a lot!

It can help you find a job

Increasingly, more and more companies are doing business in Spanish speaking countries, which in general are growing much faster than more developed nations like the US.Also, with the number of Spanish speakers living abroad, more and more businesses are catering to the needs of Spanish speaking customers. That’s why many people are learning Spanish to set themselves apart from other candidates, and get the dream job they always wanted.

Do your job better

Although some jobs nowadays may not require you to speak Spanish, it’s and will always be an added bonus for you. For example, if you work in the forex field in Cyprus, chances are you’ll get a Spanish speaking customer  daily. So to be able to communicate with them solve their problems faster and assist them.  You’ll do a better job and make your client more satisfied that you were able to help them in their native language.  It could also lead to other rewards, like promotions or higher pay for you in your actual job 🙂

Earn more money

Speaking Spanish is valuable and can help you earn bonuses and promotions within your job or change to a better job offer beacuse of you speaking Spanish.

Business travel

Even in today’s digital age, most business is still done in-person, so that means meeting people face-to-face or having people “on the ground” in a particular country is demanded.  Becoming a proficient Spanish speaker can open up tons of new career opportunities abroad.

Opens you many doors to study abroad

One of the most effective ways to learn Spanish is by traveling to a Spanish speaking country, and enrol in an intensive Spanish course in Spain, Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala,….  It can be very rewarding to immerse yourself in the environment and learn from teachers and through real-life situations.  In addition, studying in another country offers plenty of opportunity for adventure and discovery; it’s an experience that you won’t soon forget.

Meet new people

If you can speak Spanish, you’ll be able to communicate with a lot more people, and you’ll right away have something in common with them.  People take an instant liking to you when you use their native language, and it’ll enable you to get to know them at a deeper level. This makes it easier to make new friends in a variety of situations, such as when traveling on vacation, at work, or even just hanging out in your hometown.

Learning Spanish opens the door to other languages

Spanish is often referred to a gateway language.  It is relatively easy for English speakers to learn, and it belongs to the same family of languages as French, Italian, Portuguese and Romanian.  If you want to eventually pick up one of these languages, then the similarities with Spanish means that you can learn them much faster.  That’s why people who can speak 4-5 languages, often know languages from the same family.

Improving your English thanks to learning Spanish

Chances are if you grew up speaking English, you probably don’t know the rules of your own language.  You speak it without ever thinking about using the proper preposition, or placement of relative pronouns (you probably don’t even know what those are).  Everything just seems to fall into place naturally. But when you study another language like Spanish, you are forced to learn the grammar rules and then tie them back to what you already know about English.  Doing so can actually help you catch English mistakes that you make every day.

Retire overseas

More and more people are making the decision of spending their retirement years abroad.  Every year, International Living Magazine publishes a list the top 10 best places to retire in the world and seven of them (including the top 5) are Spanish speaking countries. Warrm weather, beautiful beaches, lower cost of living, unique exquisite cuisine and a relaxed pace of life…whate else?  So if you’re thinking about retiring overseas, then that’s a very good reason to learn Spanish, don´t you think so?

What other advantages do you think there are in learning Spanish?